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Does Your Dog Have Hidden Dental Disease

It’s typical and responsible for pet owners to worry about their dog's oral health. Many dog owners wonder if their precious pooch actually has a hidden dental disease because it’s often difficult to get a good look inside their mouths. In this article, you’ll learn how to spot if your dog is suffering from something unseen inside its teeth. 


What to Look For

Most dogs are tough animals, and they won't show that they have a dental disease until it seriously affects their life. In most cases, you may notice some yellowing and plaque buildup on your dog's teeth, but that often does not give a good look at the severity of the issue.


You should keep an eye on your dog and check if they experience any pain while eating or chewing on things. Look at their teeth and monitor the plaque and tartar buildup on them. You should also lift up your dog’s jowls and assess if there is inflammation in their gums or rotting teeth. These are all telltale signs that your dog may have a dental disease. 

How to Prevent It

The best practice you can do to prevent hidden dental diseases in your dog is to schedule them for yearly dental cleaning. This yearly dental cleaning will ensure that the bacteria buildup in your precious pooch’s mouth does not get to the point where it causes problems. It will also prevent the inflammation of their gums and tooth decay.


Between yearly cleaning for your dog’s teeth, you should also brush them regularly. You won’t need to brush them as often as a human, but you should still do it as often as possible. Your dog should have its teeth brushed at least three times a week for the best results.


Regular Vet Visits

As mentioned earlier, it’s hard to tell when dogs have dental diseases; many of them go unnoticed until it gets really bad. For this reason, you should have routine visits to the vet so they can assess the overall well-being of your dog’s mouth. The severity of most dental illnesses can only be checked if you get a good look below the gum line! These visits will help the vet treat current diseases and prevent your dog from getting any in the future.


Combat Hidden Dental Diseases With Hope Animal Clinic

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