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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Entertained While They’re on Exercise Restriction

An exercise restriction can be a difficult time for your high-energy pets. For the most part, most of their entertainment derives from playing and running around, which they can’t do under these circumstances. Luckily, there are alternatives that can keep your animal companion occupied and stimulated while they live out their exercise restriction!


Mental Stimulation

When your pet’s on an exercise restriction, it can get quite restless due to not moving around as much. One effective method of keeping them entertained is to give them mental stimulation. Do some mind games with them, have them do tricks, and tire them out mentally so they won’t get bored while on their restriction!


Discipline Training

Continuing with giving them mental exercise in place of the physical activity they can't get, discipline training is an excellent way to keep your pet from feeling bored. Teach them new tricks or have them practice and improve on old ones. After some disciplined training, your pet will undoubtedly feel tired and content!


Light Activity Toys

While on an exercise restriction, your pet can still enjoy playing with toys as long as they aren't too active. You shouldn't let them play fetch or chase something around the yard, but they can still have their chew toys! Investing in some toys, they can play with without too much exercise can go a long way while they get through this rough time!



Many pet puzzles are available on the market for your pet to enjoy without having to move around too much. Depending on the difficulty of these puzzles, your animal companion could spend hours entertained as they try to solve them. You can pair this up with treats to keep them occupied even further!


Love and Cuddles

The final way you can keep your pet entertained while they are on an exercise restriction is to keep them company and give lots of love and cuddles. You may be surprised just how much spending time with their favorite human can do for your pet. They enjoy your company and will stay entertained as long as you give them the affection they want. 


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