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5 Reasons Why Your Pup Hates Bath Time

Every pet parent knows, when the bathwater begins to run, there’s likely a pup diving for cover under the table. From a dog’s perspective, a bath is a bothersome and uncomfortable chore that is to be avoided. But what exactly is it about the tub that our pups hate? Below you will find 5 reasons why your pup hates bath time:


  • Slippery Tub Floor: Dog’s like to have a sense of stability on firm ground - a bath denies your pup that security. Slippery bath flooring was not made to accommodate our pup’s paws and causes them to feel uncomfortably unbalanced. 



  • Loss of Control: Dogs don’t like losing a feeling of control over their environment. Bath time can cause a pup to lose their balance on the slippery tub or become stressed due to the sound of loud running water that can’t be escaped. If your dog shows signs of anxiety during bath time, this could be due to feelings of losing control.



  • Scared of New Experience: Like humans, dogs get stressed out with new experiences. If your dog wasn’t well acquainted with baths as a puppy, that could be the cause of their anxious reaction towards getting bathed. 


  • Handling Issue: Some dogs simply don’t like to be physically interacted with as much as other pups. Bathtime can feel like an invasion of their privacy due to unwanted handling. Signs of stress in your pup like shaking or excessive panting should be noted as a clear tell that your dog does not like their bath time.



  • Bad Memories: Your dog may have had a traumatic experience in the past that has made them resent bath time. An example could be using too much hot water - or feeling sacred by the sound of loud running water.


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